Features of the LuvLink™ App

Our LuvLink™ app will help you manage your Friendship Lamp, Infinity Lamp or Infinity Voice products. Explore the features, functions and FAQs of the app here.

If you are looking for our setup guide you can find them here.

Download the LuvLink™ App

  • Setup your devices

    Use the LuvLink™ app to easily setup your Friendship Lamp, Infinity Lamp & Infinity Voice on Android & IOS.

  • Manage your group

    With the LuvLink™ app you can manage who is on your group, invite new friends & family, see which devices are connected and find out what color everyone has.

  • Unlimited color options

    The LuvLink™ app gives you unlimited color options for your device! Rotate through our standard colors via the lamp or with the app pick any color you'd like!

  • Manage dimming times

    By default our lamps will dim over 30 minutes, but with the app you can extend this to be a time that suits you.

    This setting is especially beneficial for those in different timezones who want to be notified every time their loved one is thinking of them.

  • Manage brightness

    Is your lamp too bright? Or too dim? Set the default brightness from within the lamp.

    Use the sleep timer settings to manage the brightness of the lamp for different times.

  • Set a sleep timer

    Enable a sleep timer on your device to avoid your lamp waking you up in the middle of the night!

    Manage the brightness levels of your lamp for times when you don't want to be interrupted.

  • Create or join new groups

    Create new groups or join existing ones from within the app!

    Once your group is created you can invite people to join and approve their request from within the app.

  • Device information

    In the "Device Information" section you can change the name of your device, change groups, update your location and update the firmware.

  • Manage timezone

    Update your timezone within the app so that your sleep timer will work.

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