80 Long-distance Relationship Gifts to Sustain Your Love from Afar

80 Long-distance Relationship Gifts to Sustain Your Love from Afar

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Written by Andrew Cornale

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard. Both the partners need to put in a lot of effort to keep the relationship going. Technology plays an important part in bridging the gap through communication, be it oceans apart or states apart. Apart from being in touch with each other through calls, texting, video calls, zoom calls, face time, etc., you can also make your partner feel special and loved by sending him/her a gift that will make them feel close and loved when you miss each other. Here are some gift ideas that you can gift your loved one.



Long-distance Touch Lamp: Also known as Friendship Lamps, these come in a set of two or more Wi-Fi-connected touch control table lamps that can communicate with each other. Touch one lamp and every other lamp in that network will light up in the color of the first lamp - instantaneously and simultaneously! It’s a fantastic way to send a simple ‘hey’ or ‘thinkin’ of you’ without saying it in words, either over the phone or by text. It is a very powerful form of non-verbal communication that gets the message across at the speed of light - literally!


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Why I miss you book: This book will make a personalized gift to the person you love. You just need to fill in the blanks of this book. You can write love notes and also any number of “I miss you” notes. Your partner will love it and will make him/her feel loved and the thought that they are remembered more often brings a smile to their face.


Digital Phone Frames: The WIFI-enabled cloud photo frame gives you control over your photos and you can share them with your loved one whenever you want. The photos can be emailed for display anytime. You can have a collection of photos that the two of you have taken during your visits to various places, pictures of your dates, your fun times or even when you are alone. These can be emailed and displayed instantly, whenever you want. This will make a lovely gift to the person you love.


Classic photo frame: Not into tech? No problem. Why not a classic photo frame with your favorite snapshot inserted inside? It’s a keepsake for sure, and it will keep you on your bae’s mind all the time. You can exchange photo frames by each choosing a photo that you love and sending that over with a custom or personalized frame


You and Me personalized Mobile Stand: This is a multipurpose stand that can be used as a mobile stand and a picture frame.  This is also a decorative desk accessory. You can personalize this with a beautiful picture of you both and gift it to your partner. This will make an ideal gift, that will be cherished. 


Powerbeats High – Performance Wireless Earphones: Gifting this to your loved one is the best you can think of. Living oceans apart and the only mode of communication is calling each other. These Powerbeats high-performance wireless earphones are useful because they can be used while trekking, cycling, at the gym, or on your walks. You will be in their thoughts whenever he/she uses it.


 Love notes: Write love notes and put in in a bottle or a jar and gift it to your loved one.  He/She can pick up a love note and read when they miss you or feel lonely and stressed. It will brighten up their day when they read it and feel how much they are loved and cared for. 


A set of Vino tumblers: These tumblers are adorable gifts for your long-distance partner. Both can sip on and enjoy your virtual calls. These tumblers come in different colors and cute wordings.


A scratch-off world map: Gift each other a scratch-off world map. You can frame it and hang it on the wall. You can scratch off places you visited together. Plan to visit places listed in your bucket list.


A Couple scrapbook: This will be an ideal gift to your partner, who loves to write down and cherish all your fun times, the memories created, the visits to your favorite places, a list of all the goals achieved. He /she can write down important dates and events.


A cute little pillowcase: A pillowcase with the words “Hug this pillow until you can hug me” will be the best gift you can give your partner. Hugging this pillow will make him/her feel closer to you and this would bring a smile and a feeling of warmth.


‘Our moments’ couples: Thought-provoking conversation starters: Gift each other with this conversation starter for couples. These fun conversation cards will help you both understand and focus on each other. This gift will make you feel comfortable talking to each other. You will definitely never run out of topics to discuss - and when you do, start over again!


Photo Collage: Make a photo collage of the two of you and gift it on his/her birthday. It could be photos from your trips together, vacations, dinner dates,  time with your families, funny moments. It can be framed or made into a DIY desktop calendar. A perfect gift for the person you are madly in love with. He/she will cherish it and feel loved.


Succulent Plant: A succulent plant is a great gift to your loved one. They don’t need much water and upkeep to grow. They can be placed on your desktop or your workstations. 


Open When Letters: These are letters specially made ahead. Open only where and when it applies.  When you are happy, open the one which says “open when you are happy”. Likewise, there are many. Some of them are, “open when you feel motivated”, “open when you miss me”, “open when you are stressed”. This makes a nice and thoughtful gift for your partner.


Handmade candles and potpourri: This makes a nice gift because it is personalized and made by you. A scented gift is always welcome, and one that’s handmade is the icing on the cake.  


Handprint love card: In a long-distance relationship, physical touch is absent. Send your loved one a handprint love card, with a personal note. He/she would be happy to receive your card. 


52 things I love about you: These are cute cards with different sayings. A lovely gift for your long-distance partner, who will love and enjoy reading them.


Romantic Personalized Photo Keychain: This will make a memorable gift for the love of your life. Personalize this with images of the two of you and gift it as a souvenir of love.


Customs Engraved Wooden Gift Box: A wooden box that you can place by your bedside table or on your dresser. You can put in your valuables like your chain, bracelet, rings, watch, etc.  This gift will remind your partner that you value your relationship and are working towards it.


Compass Keychain: This keychain comes with the words “True love knows no distance”. A lovely gift to your partner, to remind him/her that true love has no distance or boundaries.


Oceanstar Bamboo Recipe Box:  This bamboo recipe box will be the best gift for your partner who loves to cook. Though you might not able be to cook together, for now, you can store your partner’s favorite recipes which you have collected over the years, and gift them. He/She can video call and cook their favorite dish on your virtual dinner date.


Herschel Novel Duffel Bag: If your partner loves to travel, then this Herschel Novel Duffel bag is an ideal and useful gift, especially for those weekend trips. This bag is durable and made of sturdy material and has a separate side pocket for storing shoes. Your thoughtful gift will be appreciated and loved.


Customs Photo Socks: These socks come printed with any image. Get an image of you printed into a pattern on the socks. Your partner can feel the closeness by wearing them and a feeling that you are with them. Happy feet go everywhere.


Leather passport case: A nice elegant and durable gift for the person you love. There’s a pocket to keep cash, in case of any need. This will give your partner, something to look forward to. 

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Chapter Toiletry Case: Gift this travel kit to your loved one. It will be useful to store essentials and carry them wherever he/she is traveling to. This case is sturdy and durable and comes with a pocket. You can slip a note inside the pocket. It could be a love note or any funny note. Your partner will be happy reading these.


Customizable long-distance mugs: In a long-distance relationship, you have something to look forward to. For example, your morning cup of tea which you both have while talking to each other. Then these customizable long-distance mugs are the best gift you can give your loved one. These mugs come customized with your location, with hearts and dots connecting the location. You can also customize with texts of your choice. The mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe and are durable.


A box of assorted gifts: The best gift that will surprise your partner. It is such a joy and fun to open a box of assorted gifts. You can add a mug, their favorite chocolates, a scented candle, handmade soaps, a love letter, or even naughty one-liners. These will brighten up their smile and day. You can ask your partner to video call you while unwrapping the box, and enjoy the fun times together.


The Real-Time Heartbeat Ring: These rings are made of stainless steel and rose gold. This will make a lovely gift for the person you love. Though you are miles apart, you can listen to each other’s heartbeat and feel close to each other, by just wearing a ring. To use this heartbeat ring, you need an application, Bluetooth, and your mobile phone’s internet. You need to tap the ring and after a second it will reflect your partner’s heartbeat.


Message in a Bottle Capsules: These little capsules can cure your partner’s anxiety, loneliness, sadness, etc. This bottle comes with 50 capsules with paper inside. You can fill them with all the sweet messages you want to say to make them smile and feel loved. 


The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide: This is an excellent gift for the two of you. Especially when you are in a long-distance relationship, it’s hard to keep your romance alive and exciting. This guide gives you tips and guides you through the obstacles you face in keeping this relationship going.


Secret Message Leather Bracelet: Keeping a secret between the two of you in a long-distance relationship is fun and interesting. This leather bracelet has a sweet secret of your choice printed on the inside. This makes a good gift for your partner.  


Love Box Spinning Heart Messenger: This love messenger connects to any smartphone device via Wi-Fi. As soon as it is connected, you can send messages to it from anywhere in the world at any time using the mobile app which is available on iOS & Android. When the box receives a message, the heart located on the front of the love box will begin to spin until the receiver lifts the lid of the love box to read its secret message on the love box screen. You will receive a notification when your partner has read your message, and they can even send you some love by manually spinning the heart of the love box, which will send you a waterfall of hearts on your love box app. This love box spinning heart messenger is the best gift you can give your loved one, sharing your love across the continents.


You are my Sunshine Wood Music Box: This wood music box works simply winding the handle to hear the tune “You are my sunshine”. This can be a wonderful gift for the love of your life, who lives miles apart. You are there in their thoughts every time they listen to the tune.


I Love You: The Activity Book meant to be shared: This is another lovely gift for your long-distance partner. This activity book ensures that you have a fun time with your partner. This is one way of keeping you both active and spending quality time with each other virtually. The activities in the book will definitely bring joy and laughter to you both.


Trtl Travel Neck Pillow: This Trtl travel neck pillow is soft and comfortable and is easily adjustable, so you can lean your head anyway and get support. It has a scarf-like design that wraps gently around your head and neck. It is breathable and you won’t get warm. A gift your partner will enjoy and feel comfortable with.


Homesick Candles: A fragrant gift for your partner, especially when he/she is feeling homesick. The perfume, when the candle is lit, reminds you of your home and the thought that your partner is waiting for you.


Personalized Photo Heart Puzzle: You can put yourselves together with a heart-shaped puzzle. Get yourselves a matching set, so you can assemble them together. A gift, which gives you the best activity to do together, even though you are oceans apart.


Jackery Portable Phone Battery Charger: This is a fast portable charger, which makes a thoughtful gift to your long-distance partner. Your conversations will not be cut short and you can keep going for as long as you want. 


A Phone Stand for Face Time: Now enjoy your face time with this adjustable phone stand. You can move it to find your convenient angle. No more numb hands and pains of holding your phone. This will make a nice gift for your partner, who loves to spend a long time chatting with you.


A Weighted Sleep Blanket: Gift this weighted sleep blanket to your loved one. A gift so comfortable and a feeling that your partner is next to you, giving him/her a good and peaceful night’s sleep.


Personalized Face Pillows: These pillows/cushions can be personalized with your and your partner’s faces. An ideal gift to your partner, who can hug it when he/she misses you or feels lonely.


Clip-on Selfie Light Ring: This selfie light attaches to your phone to brighten up your look. The phone ring light has 36 LED lamp beads to help you illuminate your surroundings when there is insufficient light. The phone light can be used as a flashlight, emergency light, and makeup light. There’s a three-level adjustable brightness that can be tuned according to your needs, whether indoor or outdoor, night or day. This selfie light is rechargeable and has a built-in rechargeable battery with a USB cable. No AAA batteries are required; you can charge it via USB cable. This is lightweight and compact.  A great multipurpose gift to any partner who is obsessed with selfies.

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I Miss Your Face Teddy Bear: This is a 12inch teddy bear, with the message “I miss your face”. It is soft and cuddly. You can gift this to your special partner, who will really love it and the wordings. Every time he/she hugs the teddy bear, it will remind them of you. A nice furry gift for the person you love.


Personalized Phone Cases: This phone case can be personalized with your sweetheart’s image. It has a hard rubber protective border, to protect your device from damaging the screen. It bounces if it’s dropped. The rubber sides are not flimsy, and its special TPU goes in and out of your pocket. The image will not fade or peel off.


Photo Memory Book: This is a handmade product, which can be used as a photo album, a scrapbook to store all images and letters you cherish, and it can be very important to your relationship. This book comes with 2 ring binders and the cover material is white paper, with a transparent film or Kraft paper cover. You even get free gifts with it. They are 1 set of DIY pack, including 3 sheets of love stickers, 2 sheets of mark stickers, 4 sheets of photo corner stickers (1 sheet of 102 pcs) and 1 writing pen, 1 gift card pack, including 1 kraft paper envelope, 1 kraft card, 1 flower, and 1 kraft paper sticker. This will be the best gift you can give to the love of your life. Best way to store both your memories and cherish them till you both meet again.


The Kissing Mugs: These are shaped like faces kissing, made from porcelain. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. When the mugs touch, their lips kiss, and their handles form the shape of a heart. This is a lovely gift to give your partner.


Cute Photo Frame: This frame is made of wood and is wall mountable with a rectangular shape. It comes with funny quotes, “Love You Most End I Win”. Sweetheart patterns are designed and handmade with lines and nails. Gift this to your partner to show how much you love and long to be with him/her.


Countdown Clock: This clock comes with a digital screen with large numbers. It can be used as a fridge magnet, or as a stand, or you can even hook it up on a nail in the wall. It counts 1 minute to 999 days (2+ years). A thoughtful gift to your partner, who can keep track of an upcoming big day in your life. 


Bold Loft Drinking Glasses: This is a set of 2 drinking glasses. It is dishwasher safe and has an image printed glass. This is a cute romantic gift for your loved one. 


A Personal Photo Clock: When you are in a long-distance relationship, time zones are different, especially when you are oceans apart. Managing your time is difficult. A personalized photo clock with your image on it will be the best gift you can give your partner. Every time he/she looks at the clock, it reminds them of your love for each other and you are thinking of them every hour.


A Block Sign: This block is made of wood and can be wall-mounted or placed on a tabletop. It comes with different signs “Love you to the moon and back”, “Love you more”, “I can’t say I love you enough. So this is your reminder”. This block measures 4x2.5 inches and is made with high-quality wood and distressed paint. This simple gift will make your partner happy and feel over the moon.


Long-distance Card: Send a missing you, or an I love you card to your loved one. Take a break from the regular calls, chats, and FaceTimes, and send an actual card instead. Your partner will be surprised to receive your handwritten card.


A Count down Calendar: This is a useful calendar for long-distance couples. It is a desk calendar and a reversible type, one side is for D Day counting, the other side is for a daily calendar. It comes with stickers to mark your special days. A useful gift for your partner to remind him/her about the important dates. It could be your upcoming vacation which you both have planned together or your wedding which you both are looking forward to.


Kedrian Care Package Box: This box comes with warm and relaxing sympathy blankets, socks, tumbler, mask, candle, perfect get well gifts for the two of you, sympathy gift basket. These can be used for different occasions. This makes a memorable and thoughtful gift to your partner. He /she will love and appreciate it. 


A Camera Backpack: This makes a very good gift for a partner who is a traveling photographer and loves his camera. The camera backpack is like any normal/regular backpack that doesn’t look expensive. This perfect backpack is the Brevite Jumper, the IG famous bag that is minimalist on the outside and can hold a DSLR, lens, drone, or tripod inside. There is also a padded laptop sleeve and it comes in 10 color options. It even has space for your water bottle, keys, wallet, and phone.

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A Dash Cam: The Garmin Dash Cam 46 is easy to install and easy to use, offering a 140-degree field of view, lane departure warning, and footage that displays right on their dashboard. This makes an excellent gift for your partner especially when they are constantly driving or parallel parking just to see you.


Noise-canceling Headphones: The best gift you can give your loved one. He/She can listen to music or FaceTime you without the background noise. This is Sony’s newest pair of noise-controlling wireless headphones, which makes the long-distance conversation more enjoyable.


An Instant Camera: It’s great to take pictures, especially instant ones. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera is the ultimate sidekick for vintage-obsessed couples. This automatically detects the brightness of the surroundings and adjusts the amount of flash and shutter speed to optimize photo quality. It has double exposure mode and 2 images are produced in one film sheet by pressing the shutter twice. This has an electronic shutter release. Kid’s mode is suitable for photographing kids, pets, and other fast-moving objects due to its fast shutter speed.


Chocolates with a Message: What better way to say sweet nothings than with chocolates. You can gift your long-distance partner a chocolate message that says “Miss Your Face”. This is one of the best ways to say how much you miss your partner.


A Wine Subscription: An ideal gift you can give your long-distance partner, whenever you plan your virtual romantic dinner dates. Best way to show them that you care. Wine subscription boxes from Wine are super customizable with wines or connoisseurs with refined tastes. Your partner will receive a monthly box with his or her desired number of bottles. He or she will be looking forward to this every month.


Couple Key chains: These couple key chains come in matching pairs, with an “I Love You” message on it. A nice gift for the two of you, a reminder of the love you both share in spite of the distance that separates you. You can use it on your backpack or your handbag as a decorative piece. You can choose from a wide range of 20 matching key chains. One best way to stays connected. 

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Matching Pendant Necklaces: The matching Pendant necklaces are a great gift for your long-distance partner. The words, “I love you” appear on both the pendants. These pendant necklaces are designed with meaningful messages, infused in them. The necklaces come in the shape of hearts, elephants, gold bone charms (for dog lovers), cats, crowns (for the queen in your life), etc. You can choose the one you like. These necklaces are a source of inspiration. 


Wallet: Wallets are used by almost everyone. It is a necessity for a lot of people. The best way to keep your cards, cash, and other important documents. This leather wallet from Tommy Hilfiger is a two-fold pass-case wallet that is durable and stylish. It looks elegant and its multilayer design offers radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking, which protects against malicious wireless access to your cards in the wallet. A perfect gift for your partner, to keep his cards safe. Your gift will be loved and appreciated and also shows how much you care.


Funny Boxers: These funny boxers come with cute cartoonish graphics. It makes a perfect gag gift. You need to have some fun in your long-distance relationship. Get naughty and gift him one of these funny boxers. He will really love your gift.


Wild Thunder Couple T-shirts: These T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, unique and long-life design printing, unfaded color fabric. Gift each other this T-shirt combo. Wear it on your video call or FaceTime; you will be delighted to see each other wearing similar T-shirts.


Karat cart Platinum Plated Elegant Silver Crystal Couple Adjustable Solitaire Ring:A beautiful ring for the two of you. Gift yourselves with these rings for having worked hard to keep your relationship strong and lively, in spite of the long-distance that separates you and the hurdles you both faced. You can also celebrate the 1st anniversary of your meeting each other with these rings. A memorable way to remember the important day in your life.


Still Together Spoon: This Vintage spoon is a unique gift for your long-distance relationship partner, who enjoys his coffee, especially on virtual coffee dates with you.


Moleskine Classic Notebook: This book comes with a soft cover, ruled, 192 pages. It is durable, with rounded corners, ivory pages, elastic closure, matching bookmark ribbon, and an expandable inner back pocket. Gift this classic notebook to your partner, who loves to write down his goals, ideas, and important notes, and, above all, to write love letters to you. Something to look forward to as an alternative to the regular calls and texting.


Aromatique Room Spray: Gift your long-distance partner and yourself with an aromatique room spray. The thought of using the same room spray gives you a nice feeling. When you visit your partner, you will already feel at home. 


PhoneSoap ProUV Smartphone Sanitizer and Universal Charger:  You are always on your phone either with your official work, your online classes, or even talking to your partner. Imagine the germs these phones carry. This PhoneSoap ProUV Smartphone Sanitizer will disinfect the phone in just 5 minutes. This will be a useful gift to your partner, to keep his gadgets clean and free of germs. 


Roku Streaming Stick:  This streaming stick comes with long-range wireless and Roku voice remote with TV controls. It supports Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu with Live TV, Apple TV, The Roku Channel, ShowTime, and Google Play. With this streaming stick, your partner can watch TV shows and movies. This is so simple, just plug it in, connect to the internet, and start streaming your favorite sports, live TV news, and more. A gift your partner will love.

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Cuyana Convertible Leather Laptop Sleeve: Laptops are used every day and go through a lot of wear and tear. To protect it, you need to have a proper cover. This laptop sleeve is made of Italian pebbled leather and features contrasting colors and a sleek, non-padded design made to accompany you for years to come. This keeps your laptop in place while on your travel. A wonderful and useful gift for the love of your life. 


Strava App: This is a fitness app, where you can track each other’s miles. Strava has something for every athlete. If your partner is a fitness freak, then this is the best gift you can give him. Encourage each other to cover an extra mile or a workout to keep yourselves fit and energetic. A fun and healthy way to stay connected.


1-800-Flowers Majesty Palm Floor Plant:  This palm floor plant makes a really cool décor item. It can add color to the otherwise dull atmosphere. A green gift to your loved one and to make his/her room lively and cool.


Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam: This webcam connects with superior clarity every time you go live on channels like Twitch and YouTube. You can stream anything you want in your choice of Full 1080p at 30fps or hyperfast HD 720p at 60fps. A better quality camera makes for a more enjoyable video chat or FaceTime. A great gift for your long-distance partner. Now you can enjoy your quality video calls with this webcam.


The Jack Box Party Pack 6: The party pack has a whole bunch of games you can sign into and play. You can gift this to your partner and yourself and play these games together and forget the distance between you. It’s fun and a good stress buster. This also keeps the two of you closer.  


MoMa LED Lantern Speaker: This speaker that doubles as a lantern and delivers up to seven hours of continuous ambient light and crisp, omnidirectional sound. The LED Lantern Speaker connects with Bluetooth when paired with your mobile device. You can carry it along for picnics, your short travel, or on camping trips.  It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery with four hours of charge time and a micro USB cord for charging.  This is a fun gift for a partner who loves talking to you for long hours from the great outdoors. 


Airbnb E-Gift Card: Gift your long-distance partner this Airbnb gift card, where he can go on an exciting trip for a change. It gives him/her the much-needed break from their work or college. It can make your long-distance relationship more meaningful and fun.

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Concrete Dual Time Zone Clock: Being in a long-distance relationship is very difficult, but possible if you work towards it. There are various factors that hinder the relationship, especially when you both are in different time zones. It is difficult to keep up with the time to call each other and to keep track of the time difference. This concrete dual time zone clock will be the best gift you can give your long-distance partner. Mark this modern clock with your names or the names of your cities to make sure they never call you by mistake in the middle of the night again.