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We’re so excited to be joining with the Brandbassador platform to give our LuvLinkers the chance to become LuvLink ambassadors. Join us on the mission to keep the world connected. You may be apart but our hope is that you will never be alone!

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What is a LuvLinker?

LuvLinkers are passionate brand ambassadors who share our passion of keeping the world connected.

By completing missions, LuvLinkers will earn the chance to receive a range of rewards. All we ask is that you spread the word by following us on social media, sharing stories and creating engaging content for those that you know and love.

Who can be a LuvLinker?

Anyone & everyone can join in! We all have family, friends and that special someone that we want to connect with! You don’t have to own a LuvLink product yet ... we just need your help in creating fun and engaging content.

What we’re looking for!

To be a LuvLinker, you need to be a people person and share our passion for seeing the world stay connected.

Our ambassadors can have any number of social media followers and can be any age (although the Brandbassador app does require you to be over 13 to sign up).

How can I become a LuvLinker?

Think you have what it takes to become a LuvLink ambassador? Apply today! Click below and we’ll guide you through the steps needed to join our unique community!

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  • Long Distance Friendship Lamps

    Light up the lives of your loved ones with our long distance Friendship Lamp! Tap one and the rest light up.

  • Infinity Lamp & Infinity Voice

    Send your love swirling to friends & family from around the world. With Infinity Voice you can also send your voice to your loved ones.

  • Connected Photo Frame

    Send precious memories to your friends & family from anywhere in just a matter of seconds.

LuvLinker FAQs


How do I get started?

To get started you just need to download the BrandBassador app through this link. Once installed, you can sign up and complete your first LuvLink mission!


Do I have to already have the product?

No, you do not! It is helpful, but we have missions and things to do to help you get special discounts for your first purchase.


Do I have to live in the United States?

No you can live anywhere in the world! Just like our products, our community is global.


Do I have to have a certain amount of followers to start earning commission?

No! Our starting tier is for anyone and everyone. The more you sell through your links, the more you can earn!

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